Santa Rosa Creek Tribe

Council Member Tracy “Drucilla Sparrow” Gibbs

Tracy Gibbs

My name is Tracy Gibbs and my Native American name is “Drucilla Sparrow”. Drucilla is the first name of my 4th generation great grandmother from the Wind Clan. She was forced out of Atmore , Alabama to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears and several years later she returned to her home of Atmore. She was a strong Muskogee Native American women and I proudly carry her name. While on a spirit journey, I was shown that the bird was my spirit animal. In respect to my creator, I choose the “Sparrow”. Knowing that the creator is always watching over me.
I’m also a descendant of “Little Berry Bray” through my great grandfather Toni Bray and Mary Bulkum, 3rd gener-ation great grandmother on my Grandfather, Raymond Chaney Tolbert side.