Santa Rosa Creek Tribe

Creek Fest

Santa Rosa Band of the Lower Muscogeee, Inc. has held a Creek Fest for the past 32 years. For the first 25 years it was held at Florida Town Park in Pace Florida. Due to the acquisition of land, and through grants by Impact 100, and other generous donations of time, labor and money, our tribal grounds are fit for public use. We are now hosting the Pow Wow at our Tribal Grounds located at 4750 Willard Norris Rd. in Milton Florida 32570.

Our Creek Fest is held annually the weekend before Thanksgiving in November  each year. For 2022 this will be Saturday  Sunday, November 19th and 20th. We invite you to join us as we celebrate our rich culture and heritage.


Creek Fest Etiquette

1. All Alcohol, recreational drugs and firearms are prohibited at this event. If you are found with any of these items you will be asked to leave the grounds. If you refuse to leave the area, then the Authorities will be called.

2. Please refrain from using any form of profanity or vulgar language. This is a
family event.

3. Pets should be left at home. The Dance Arena is a sacred place from the time it is blessed until the event is over. At no time should pets be allowed near the area.

4. Pictures should NOT be taken during Veterans Songs, Flag Songs, Prayers or any other time announced by the Master of Ceremonies.

5. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies. He will announce who is to dance and when. Most events conduct Inter-Tribals in which the public may participate. Check with the Arena Director for more information.

6. Do not take photographs of a dancer or anyone unless you ask their permission first. When a dancer is in the arena, they are normally fair game for pictures, but when you see them up close and outside of the arena, it is polite to ask for their permission first.

7. Remember you are a guest. Have fun, ask questions and meet people.