Santa Rosa Creek Tribe

The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc.

( A 501 (c) (3) Corporation)

Welcome to our website.
We hope that you will find your experience here pleasant and educational.

Our Mission is to establish community awareness of the Santa-Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc through education, out-reach programs, and traditional events to promote the growth, support, and well being of the American Indian culture.

Mvto (Thank-you) for stopping by.

Your tribe’s Native American Cultural Center is nearing completion. Soon
Tribal Council meetings, language classes and educational seminars will be
held in the building.

Chairs are needed. The chairs selected have sturdy frames and cushioned
seats. The bulk price is $20 per chair.

Add an additional donation of $5 for a total donation of $25 per chair,
and your personalized plaque will be attached to the chair reading
“Donated by(Your Name)”. Or, the plaque could read, “In Memory of (Loved
One’s Name).” Donate multiple chairs and have a different personalized
plaque inscriptions for each chair.