Santa Rosa Creek Tribe

Santa Rosa Band of the Lower Muscogee Grounds

December of 2004, the Santa Rosa Band of the Lower Muscogee, Inc. acquired 28 acres of land at 4750 Willard Norris Road  in Milton Florida 32570. In November of 2013 an additional 26 acres was acquired, and 39 acres was acquired in February of 2014. In August of 2020, another 2 acres was purchased.

The grounds are now 95 acres of which most remains in natural forest. There is approximately one half mile of Pond Creek which runs through the property. The grounds are used as a wildlife sanctuary for the release of rescued and rehabilitated wildlife.

In 2014 our Band was blessed with a grant from Impact 100 which enabled the building of a road, installation of underground electrical service, a water well and restrooms. this infrastructure.  A second grant from Impact 100 in 2016 was used to build our 4,000 sf Native American Cultural Gallery.  

 The gallery is used for cultural seminars and events.  It also houses our Native American artifacts.

Work is underway to expand use of the facility to include a curriculum for teaching Native American history and culture.  A replica Creek village and Ceremonial Square on the grounds are used to teach the culture and ways of the Creek people. 

Our annual Creek Fest was held for the first time at our Grounds in 2016. An estimated 5,000 people attended the two-day event. There were more than 40 vendors of Native American clothing, jewelry, and crafts.   The annual event is held each year over the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The Santa Rosa Band of the Lower Muscogee is on the move.  Future projects include food sustainability and farming, teaching the Native Ways skills of our ancestors, Nature Trails, Boardwalks, and continuing improvements to our Cultural Gallery, Artifacts displays.

We will be hosting groups from youths to seniors at the Native American Cultural Gallery and grounds. Educational programs teaching the language, heritage and culture will be presented. A Primitive Campground is available to Youth organizations.