Santa Rosa Creek Tribe

Vice Chief / Secretary Dan “Sky Horse“ Helms

Dan Helms

Sky Horse grew up in Santa Rosa County. After re-searching his family history he found that the vague hushed rumors heard since a child were true. His 2nd Great Grandmother from Chumuckla, Florida was of Creek Indian descent. As he did further research, other Native American lines were discovered going back more than 12 generations coming through the Ward Family line. Sadly, the opportunity in his youth was lost to learn of his Heritage and Culture because of the refusal of Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents to speak of their Heritage of Culture. They would not speak of it because they were raised in fear of being found out and taken from their homes or killed. After decades of suppression stemming from the Indian Removal Act, today that Heritage can finally be openly celebrated with great pride and honor. Sky Horse is dedicated to learning and sharing with others his Native American Culture least it be lost forever.